november/december favs | lindy pfaff

I have been absent from my blog, lots going on. I have so many photos to share from my daily shooting….these are just a few, I still have about 3 weeks of images sitting on my camera. I will get to those in the new year! 2014 is going to be a memorable year and not in the happiest of ways. I am welcoming 2015 to arrive asap…It’s going to be a great year! I can feel it!! Lots of things in the works and some amazing new photography projects to come! So exciting!

fav dec

a sweet evening

She loves the camera (most days) and is always willing to get in front of it. We will be driving and she will say “Wow mom, look at the sky…we should take some photos tonight.” Love! A photographers dream subject.

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Sept/Oct Favs

I always love putting these together. Thanks for taking a look at a few of my daily favs from the last few months. xoxoxoxo



I have been taking yearly photos of my nephew around his birthday since he was one years old. He turned six last month. If I only had a pull back of this shoot….you would see my mini van parked right behind me and the madness that was happening inside with the 3 kiddos I had with me. The session was cut super short but he rocked it anyway. Love you buddy!


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