a sweet evening

She loves the camera (most days) and is always willing to get in front of it. We will be driving and she will say “Wow mom, look at the sky…we should take some photos tonight.” Love! A photographers dream subject.

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Sept/Oct Favs

I always love putting these together. Thanks for taking a look at a few of my daily favs from the last few months. xoxoxoxo



I have been taking yearly photos of my nephew around his birthday since he was one years old. He turned six last month. If I only had a pull back of this shoot….you would see my mini van parked right behind me and the madness that was happening inside with the 3 kiddos I had with me. The session was cut super short but he rocked it anyway. Love you buddy!


The Veil

This was a quick little 10 min session I had with my daughter. It was a super fun night to shoot, the sky was different in all directions. Enjoy!

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Catch up

So I totally lost track of my 365, boo! I did really well taking a photo every day but the editing started piling up. I still shoot on a daily basis, with the exception of some weekends. I’m going to continue on but in a much less constructive way. Would love for you to check in often and catch up on some of my favorites.





I could probably make an entire book with all of the places he falls asleep on a daily basis.

team tekyn

My very dear friend was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. She has been documenting her story over on HER BLOG. Please go check it out if you have a minute. She is just AMAZING!!!!!! I can’t say enough nice things about her.


Postcard families

I was SO honored when I was contacted to be a part of a new blog that features family photographers around the world. There are so many amazing photographers on this blog. They wanted me to be the suburban at home piece and I thought that was so fitting considering home is my favorite place to be. Please go check it out!






Still Going

Still been active on my 365. I did miss a few days from being sick but I will try to make them up at the end of the project. Here are just a few from the last couple months. Would love you to follow along. CLICK HERE

The girl next door

I have been meaning to get these blogged. This is my absolutley stunning neighbor. GAH!! GORGEOUS! I know your jaw is going to drop when I tell you that she is in JUNIOR HIGH! We got stopped multiple times asking if she was getting her senior photos done…we all just giggled. Here is just a few shots from this session…it was so hard choosing. Enjoy!


So I am attempting a 365 this year. Attempting is the key word here. I would love to have you follow along with me, just come follow me over on my flickr page. HERE Or you can click on the little yellow flickr tab on the left side of my blog and it will take you right there. Here are my first 8 days of the project. Thanks for taking a peek!

first snow

I have so much to share with you all it’s ridiculous. It’s hard to find time to sit down and get it done. Hopefully I can get caught up in the next couple weeks. Thought I would share this fun little animation from last week. The animation destroys the images some but it’s totally worth it. I just love these.

New Tricks

This little lady kills me. On this particular day she learned how to do head stands…and I had entirely to much fun with it. The whole day I would say “Squinny…head stand!” and she would instantly default into this position no matter where she was or what she was doing. HA! I love it! The picture on the right I’m pretty sure is a flawless downward dog yoga position.

Fall 2013

I thought I should formally post something to help with all the inquires and emails. I will also make a link on my site here to help with any questions. At this point, I am not in business as a photographer. Life has gotten crazy  and as much as I love photography it will always take a back seat to my family. I am always so touched  and flattered when you all invite me to photograph your families. I wish I had more time in my life right now to do it all but I sadly don’t. This blog of mine here is just a place for me to share my passion for photography, I hope you will stop by often! I will still be doing some personal projects and you will be seeing me post my family, friends, neighbors and occasionally some acquaintances. If I ever decide to take on any sessions or go back into the photography business I will for sure let you all know! If you need help finding a photographer please feel free to contact me, I know finding one these day is beyond overwhelming. I can refer you on to photographers I personally would trust to do my own family photos. Thank you so much for everyones support!

To the photography related inquires. I have no plans at this point to do any mentoring or workshops. If I ever did, this will be the first place I would post something. As far as my gear and editing tools. I will try to get a section made on my site here with all that info. Always feel free to email me, I can’t always respond right away but I do try to get them all answered! Thanks so much!

and we all know I cant post without a photo….here’s one of my favs from peter pan and wendy angela darling’s session….HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Always first up from her nap, she gets a little one on one time with her auntie.

flowers and five minutes

She is in school full time now and I have been taking fewer photos of her. This is our convo before these images were snapped…

Me: “I am so sad that I haven’t taken any photos of you lately Reesey Bird, can I take a some?”

Reese: “You get five minutes…..I’m going to pick some flowers…..and I’m not brushing my hair.”

Me: “Done! Lets go.”


I do not know what is happening in this image but it made me laugh out loud.

my guy

High noon is by far the yuckiest time to photograph, the sun is so high in the sky which makes for some very unattractive lighting. Most photographers really try to stay away from it. That just isn’t realistic for me though since I mainly shoot lifestyle images of my children and they do some dang cute things in between the soft morning light and the magical golden hour that I just can’t miss out on. So on this afternoon I made the best of the high noon sun and got some images that are so truly him. Thanks for taking a look.

My nieces

A peek of my sweet nieces. The littlest miss only gave me 30 minutes to shoot before she decided she was not a huge fan of nature and would rather be napping, so this quickly turned into a mini session. I’m in love with this first image…would it be weird if I got a canvas of them to hang in my house? Haha.




all american girl

Just now going through my 4th of July photos and I just love this one of my little niece relaxing at the lake house. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

puppy love

This image made me smile. Her sweet natural expression and Henry looks like he is puckered up ready for a kiss.

snuggle time

Found them this way on my bed one morning, watching some toons on my phone. I love that they are in a similar position to the image on my iphone case. Wowzers, they have gotten big!

hello world!!

EEK! super excited to be doing my first post!

amazing grass covered hill +  yummy light + gorgeous sky = my perfect location

f l i c k r