I have been taking yearly photos of my nephew around his birthday since he was one years old. He turned six last month. If I only had a pull back of this shoot….you would see my mini van parked right behind me and the madness that was happening inside with the 3 kiddos I had with me. The session was cut super short but he rocked it anyway. Love you buddy!


The Veil

This was a quick little 10 min session I had with my daughter. It was a super fun night to shoot, the sky was different in all directions. Enjoy!

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Catch up

So I totally lost track of my 365, boo! I did really well taking a photo every day but the editing started piling up. I still shoot on a daily basis, with the exception of some weekends. I’m going to continue on but in a much less constructive way. Would love for you to check in often and catch up on some of my favorites.




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